Heroin is Vanishing But Fentanyl is Sweeping the Streets

Made in labs and ordered from China, fentanyl seems to be everywhere, in part due to the economics of it. Drug dealers sometimes add tiny amounts of fentanyl to boost a drug's potency and thus profitability; often selling these tainted drugs to unsuspecting buyers. Dealers and traffickers also make far more money from fentanyl than heroin.

The relative ease of production; with so many doses generated with so little in labor or resources, fentanyl has created many challenges for First Responders arrive on the scene of potential opioid-related overdoses.  Contact with fentanyl is potentially deadly, and is referred to as Transdermal Fentanyl Exposure (TFE), or opioid toxicity, it has raised serious concerns among Law Enforcement officers, Correctional Officers, EMT’s and Fire Fighters.

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